Several interesting Scientific and Technical Reports have been produced in UERRA recently. Now that we have many results after over three years of Research, Development and Production. As examples we can mention:

a) User Synthesis of the Reanalyses

b) User Guidance

c) Nudging Ensemble Reanalysis diagnostics documentation and report (University of Bonn)

d) Uncertainties in Regional Reanalyses - Final Report from the Met Office

e) Scientific report of the assessment of the reanalyses

f) Reanalysis Uncertainty evaluation

g) HARMONIE Reanalysis report

h) the Surface MESCAN ensemble analysis report

i) the Ensemble 4D-VAR reanalysis documentation and report

j) the description and demonstration of publishing one UERRA dataset on an ESGF node and

k) the Development of more comprehensive uncertainty estimations in the observation gridding (E-OBS) including an improved method for interpolation.

j) UERRA Final Report

Also the Observation rescue and development (QC) in UERRA is complete and data sets are available at URV and several international data centres as documented in the reports of the data sets and of the data repositories where data have been sent to.