The 2nd General Assembly of UERRA (GA) was kindly hosted by URV 27-28 January 2015. It was held at their premises in Tortosa which is inland from Tarragona. More details on the GA 2 Meeting page.

The presentations can be found on the meeting page, and in particular throuogh the links in the Agenda.

There are some short notes from the meeting (see the minutes). To view the pictures, just click on them.

See Newsletter No 1 under Publications

The presentations from the GA in Exeter are available under Project meetings

UERRA and EURO4M General Assemblies in Exeter. The latest version of the Agenda is added here.

A higher resolution copy of the group photo is available under GA 1.


Work Package 3 held its first Workshop 26 June - 27 June (half day) at DWD. The common evaluation procedures, data sets and archiving were discussed. A comprehensive definition document was worked out. Several potential users gave their input and took part. More information is provided under Meetings.