It  is organised towards the end of the project to demonstrate the products from the Project. It will be the first time that some reasonable amounts and time period of the Reanalyses can be shown. There may also be observation records or observation gridding products shown at the Workshop.

The Regional Reanalyses over the Europe-Atlantic region are produced by 4 Meteorological Institutes/University at about 11-12 km resolution and with ensembles as well. The time period will extend up to over 50 years for some but less for others incl. ensembles.

Now is the time to demonstrate the freshly archived products for the first time!

The Agenda for the Showcase Event can also be found on the meeting page.

Goals of the Showcase Workshop

For users:

Finding out about what reanalysis data are available

Learning how to access the data

Discussing likely qualities and possible deficiencies of (regional) re-analyses data

Discussing how to assess fitness for a specific purpose

Tips&Tricks&Tools for using re-analysis data

Sharing experiences and views with other users

For providers:

Stimulating (proper) use of the data

Finding out more about user requirements of the data

Finding out if the data are described well

Understanding and finding gaps or missing tools that should be provided

Preparing products corresponding to user needs


UERRA list of users from earlier workshops (also below)

UERRA partners (many of us anyway)

University users

Utilities and other commercial organisation


ECMWF interested parties

Partners customers or contacts