First a between-centres common two year EURO4M reanalysis period was archived in MARS at ECMWF as a pilot data set and for the evaluation team to work with. These data are however quite heterogeneous in their choice of parameters and types and times of data (e.g. analysis or forecast and surface or upper air) since there was no prior coordination at this level of detail.


In UERRA there is a common set or parameters (for most of them; there are limitations or extension in the different models that result in that a few parameters are not in all models or reanalysis producer's archives). They have been selected and iterated between the partners and taking user surveys and interactions into account. Moreover, they will all be converted to GRIB2 and conform with WMO standards (and extending the standard where necessary).


It means also that a lot of tools for data services like webapi and metview at ECMWF can be applied to the UERRA MARS data.





Visualisation and data services can also be applied on some of data through the tools at KNMI.The ADAGUC tools at KNMI can be applied on many different data sets including the EURO4M and UERRA ones.