WP8 - User feedback [Months: 1-48]  KNMI
This work package will facilitate that external partners are given early access to the UERRA and EURO4M data in
order to evaluate the use of regional reanalysis data and products and their uncertainties. These third-party partners
are data providers and climate service developers themselves. They will include the NMHSs which collaborate
in the EUMETNET Climate Programme. Dedicated data evaluation workshops will be organized to get feedback
from these ‘early adopters’. The workshops will provide guidance and feedback on the use of the ensembles of
reanalyses including the associated uncertainty products.
As a potential future Copernicus service on climate change monitoring, UERRA must interface directly with the full
range of intermediate- and end-user requirements, including disaster prevention, health, energy, water resources,
ecosystems, forestry agriculture, transport, tourism and biodiversity.
The stakeholders (impact community and decision makers) needs in terms of climate data and products cover a
large range of raw or derived variables, indicators, spatial and temporal scales, uncertainty assessment at various
levels of complexity. The stakeholder community is however diverse and not well organized. This will make it
difficult to obtain uniform feedback for the multi-purpose products. This activity will start from the review of existing
user consultation reports performed in EURO4M and the associated meta user-requirement document produced.
The workshops also provide the opportunity to facilitate evaluation of the reanalysis ensemble using independent
(and often access restricted) national observational data brought in by third-party participants. Together with WP3,
this effort will assess whether the reanalysis data are fit for their intended use.