Please find the Automatic Quality Control programmes developed by C3-UERRA following the link: into the box “AQC Software”. The AQC-C3_UERRA software was composed by three different programs:

-The UQC program for quality controlling hourly temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction. It was developed in Fortran. Into the folder “UQC”

-The hiphipuerra for quality controlling hourly air pressure. It was developed in R. Into the folder “SLP-snowQC”

-The snowqc for quality controlling snow depth and snow fall. It was developed in R. Into the folder “SLP-snowQC”.

Evaluation software tools

Sharing the code

Available on GitHub
The “Git” in GitHub: git is an open-source version control system that was started by Linus Trovalds – the same person who created Linux.
The “Hub” in GitHub: git is a command-line tool, but the centre around which all things involving git revolve – effectively, the Hub, is, where developers can store their projects and network with like-minded people.



Data services

The UERRA Project produced and produces output fields with about 11 km gridpoint resolution (and 5 for surface analyses). An extensive set of parameters have been archived at ECMWF in the MARS system. Data access is provided through the ECMWF Data portal and the data are publicly available following a simple user registration. 

A subset of the reanalyses in the form of 2m temperatures, has also been copied and stored on an ESGF node at KNMI. This is part of the undertaking of the Project and serves at least as a demonstration of the capabilities and should be attractive to a wider range of climate data users.