In UERRA there are General Assemblies (GAs), Workshops and other specialized meetings.


The UERRA General Assembly (GA) Number 4 was held at ECMWF, Reading from 21 November to 23 November.

The Agenda with Presentations can be seen or downloaded or viewed on the meeting page. There is also a summary Meeting Report.

 Following on from the GA was a Showcase Event 23 - 24 November 2016. It was in the afternoon of Wednesday 23rd with refreshments in the evening giving room for discussions and questions. The programme introduction with a PHOTO can be seen here

and the Programme with Presentations or  downloaded here.


Uncertainty workshop of the FP7/H2020 Copernicus Climate Change projects

 On 28 -29 September 2016 a workshop was organized in which the FP7/H2020 Copernicus Climate Change projects shared their expertise and increased convergence on how to define, assess, and communicate uncertainties and data quality. The workshop was hosted by the European Commission in Brussels.

 Topics that were considered are:

  • Uncertainty/reliability assessment and communication in the context of climate services;
  • emphasize that uncertainty is part of the scientific result, not a limitation;
  • focus on climate change (including impact relevant indicators);
  • exchange good practices of the use of uncertainty/reliability and data quality information;
  • explore approaches to communicating value, quality and uncertainty in scientific knowledge using soft skills (e.g. sharing knowledge) and hard skills (e.g. statistics).

 The Agenda of the workshop with links to the Presentations is here.

 The second day's workshop was about the Copernicus Climate Change Service and the FP7 EU Projects and two HORIZON 2020 Projects involved with this and was organised as follows: 

The General Assembly number 3 was held 1-3 February 2016 in Toulouse. It was kindly hosted by Météo-France at their headquarters.

The meeting was from noon to noon (13.45 /with registration from 13.30) on the Monday and finish at 12.30 on the Wednesday).

Following the GA there was the UERRA User Workshop from 13.45 or 14 on Wednesday 3 February until Thursday at 12.30.

Information about the General Assembly can be found in the GA3 link..

The first General Assembly of the UERRA Consortium was held 26-27 March 2014 at the Met Office, Exeter, UK.

A summary with some comments from the meeting is available here.

You can see the programme and download the presentations from the meeting.

The WP3 Evaluation definition Workshop was held 26-27 June (mid-day) at DWD. The common evaluation procedures, data sets and archiving were discussed. A comprehensive definition document was worked out. Several potential users gave their input and took part. See more on the workshop page.

More details will follow. Please see more in the article.

The second General Assembly (GA) was held at the URV premises in Tortosa in Catalonia, Spain, 27-28 January 2015.

The final (actual) Agenda can be found on the meeting page. In there are the links to the presentations.